1896 - 1923

John Jacob Walker moved to Nelson from Rossland to open Nelsons first Jewellery store, J.J. Walkers Jewelry. Trained as a watchmaker in New york City, Walker's store carried beautiful merchandise along with the stunning cabinetries you see today.

1923 - 1950

John Balfour Gray held Nelsons landmark jewellery store for over a century. Gray was know for his golden personality that never failed to raise the spirts of everyone who was in his presence.

1950 - 1962

Howard Butterfeild took over our 431 Baker Street location as Butterfeild Jewelery shop in 1950 and sold it to the Allen's in 1962.

1962 - 2006

Ted Allen purchased what is now known as Ted Allens Jewellery in 1962 and built the store from the ground up for close to 10 years. As the economy began to flourish so did Ted's luxury Jewllery items. At the age of 80 Ted retired in 1980, however we just could not keep him away as he came in daily to help with watch repairs and keeping the Allen's tradtion alive. Greg Allen, Ted's son began working the store in 1974 and purchased the business from his father in 1977. Greg Allen finished his apprenticship under his father and became both a watchmaker and graduated gemologist. Approching the 20 year mark of ownership Greg Proudly kept the tradtion of excellence alive.

2006 - Present

Justin Pelant purchased the well known iconic jewellery store in 2006 and presently still runs a buisness of excellence. With a passion for gemology Justin saw an oppurtunity not only to return to his hometown but to follow a longtime passion. Justin bacame a certified gemologiest in 2010. Since owning the store Justin has worked to incorperate computerized custom jewellery design. Throughout the years Justin's main goal was to strive and achieve a great customer experience, with his presence alone the goal has been met.